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Late in 1952 a nineteen year old CE3 arrived at K3 Korea. It was the last year of the Korean war and K3 was a busy fighter/bomber airstrip of the First Marine Air Wing, MAG-33. Jets took off daily loaded with bombs. CBMU-1 was attached to the Air Wing. Our main project at that point in time was the construction of a 500 foot airstrip extension which required a huge amount of fill. This Seabee was assigned to work on the powerline crew that was in the process of constructing a high voltage overhead primary distribution system for the base.

Korean People and Places
Korean People and Places(2)
Seabee People and Places
Seabee People and Places(2)
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Seabee Powerline Crew
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Inchon 1950

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Korean War Service Medal
Bob Janson reminded me that the ROK Korean War Service Medal has been approved for U.S. vets. Cover letter request must be sent along with a copy of DD214 or special orders showing service in Korea.
Send to:
558 C Street W. Suite 12
Randolph AFB, TX 78158-4714

Typical unit and individual awards for
Seabees serving in Korea during the war.

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