Cowboy Quotes *

( Things I otherwise might never have known )

Bill Hood:
“To ride saddle broncs there are only two things you need to know. You have to have your feet in the shoulders every time they hit the ground and you need to know when to let go of the rein”.

Tex Martin: (At the Los Angeles NFR , just a few minutes before the Bareback riding started.)
“Can I look at your program? I want to see what I drawed.”

Oren Mixer: (Rodeo photographer and artist, reminiscing about humorous cowboy stories.)
“There were a couple of Bob Crosby’s friends with their wives at Crosby’s place roping a few steers. One of the steers got loose and Crosby took off after him. He roped the steer, set his trip and busted the steer as they went passed the outhouse. The steer knocked over the outhouse with the two wives inside”.

Dee Burke: (At the Oklahoma City NFR in the exhibit hall.)
“You see that old guy sitting over in the corner? He is Pat Henry. Many years ago I was hauling to a rodeo up North when I stopped at this gas station. This hick looking guy came over and was looking at our horses. He wanted to know what kind of horses they were so I thought I would have a little fun and I told him they were calf roping horses, we just put a rope in their mouths and they go put the rope around the calves neck. A couple of years later I was at a rodeo where a guy had a contract act with a horse that would catch a calf and put a rope around it’s neck. It was Pat Henry, the hick I had fun with a couple of years before”.

Ben Johnson: ( At the Dallas Western Wear Market, when I told him I had once seen Bob Crosby rope a steer off of the famous horse Baldy.)
“Bob Crosby and I were good friends. I stopped at his place in New Mexico and visited with him just a short time before he died in the jeep wreck. I have always thought the wreck may not have been an accident. When I was there his old bad leg was giving him a lot of trouble, it had never healed and he had to put maggots on it to keep the proud flesh eaten off.”

Freckles Brown: (We were sitting at a big table in a nice restaurant when someone told Freckles that he didn’t need to remove his hat in that place.)
“When I was growing up there were two things my dad would give me a whipping for. One was going outside without a hat on. The other was for wearing a hat in the house”.

Freckles Brown:
“The Beutlers had about forty head of horses they wanted me to buck out for them. A young man that wanted to be a bronc rider asked to go with me. On the way to Elk City he asked me if I minded him getting on most of the horses because he needed the experience. I agreed to that. The first horse he got on stuck his head in the ground. When his turn came to get on the next horse he told me he just wasn’t able to get on another horse. I had to get on all but one of the horses that day. We bucked them out with gate ropes on them. I knew how long the rope was so I would step off of them just before they got to the end of the rope”.

Freckles Brown:
“When I was young my brother and I were hitch hiking and no one would pick us up. We found a pair of sun glasses that had one lense broken out and came up with the idea that I would put the sun glasses on and someone might think I had one eye out and feeling sorry for me would stop. My brother hid off the road and was going to run out and jump in when someone stopped for me. A guy stopped for me but when he saw my brother running toward the car got scared and took off real fast. It was a couple of years before I saw my brother again”.

John McBeth: (At the Old Timers Rodeo in Amarillo with a smile on his face.)
“The first time I saw Freckles Brown on a saddle bronc I watched as the rank bronc bucked out straight away, I thought to myself, that old man can set a bronc. Then the horse turned back, Freckles had the rein dallied off on the saddle horn”.

John McBeth: (At his leather shop in Burden, Kansas reflecting on his rodeo career.)
“You know when a horse has all four feet off the ground you can push him over if you want to. That’s why I like to boot a horse on one side after the first jump out so he will pick up a lead”.

Freckles Brown: (About his famous ride on the bull Tornado at the NFR.)
“When Jim Shoulders would buck out Tornado he would run him to the end chute and then make him back up one or two chutes so he would always be mad when he bucked out. They wouldn’t let him do that at the NFR”.

Freckles Brown:
“Benny Reynolds and I were always friends. Benny was just a country boy and never pretended to be anything else. He took a lot of teasing from some of the cowboys but I never teased him and I think that’s why he liked me. One time he was having a lot of trouble losing his stirrups on saddle broncs so he asked me if I thought he should use smaller stirrups. I looked down at those big feet and without smiling said “no Benny, I don’t think that is your problem.”

Joe Green: (When a fellow came up to him at the Tulsa Western Wear Market and said “I saw you at that rodeo many years ago when you got hurt, you remember don’t you?)
“I have been hurt all over the world”

Clem McSpadden: (While announcing his Bushyhead "World's Richest Roping” someone handed him an announcement to make.)
“The side of a car has been kicked in by a horse behind the pens here. The license number is *** *** .......WHY, THAT’S MY CAR!”

Freckles Brown: (Reflecting on memories of the 40s well known clown team of John Lindsey and Hoyt Hefner.)
“John and Hoyt had that act where they would ride a saddle bronc double. Hoyt would be the one in the back and would fall off in the middle of the arena. Sometimes Hoyt would hold on to John and drag him off with him. This made John real mad and because of this they would sometimes go for weeks at a time without speaking to each other.”

Freckles Brown:
“Several other cowboys and myself were sharing a hotel room and we all went out to the rodeo grounds to look over the rodeo stock in the morning. After we had looked at the stock I told the others that I was going to jog back to the hotel and I would see them there. When I got back to the room I took a bath. The hotel hot water was extremely hot, almost like steam. When I finished my bath the others had not returned yet so I got the idea to run the tub full of nothing but hot water. The others soon came through the door and I acted like I had just got out of the tub. Ronnie Rossen was the first to go into the bath room. He came running out and said FRECKLES, HOW CAN YOU STAND TO GET IN WATER THAT HOT?

Red Dougherty: (When I asked him if he remembered a saddle bronc rider from the 40s by the name of Buster Butts.)
"I am the last man he ever talked to. I helped him get on a horse at Coffeyville. The horse ran through the fence and killed him."

* Some quotes have been left out in order to protect the innocent.